The first stirings of Spring and a new WIP

Hello my friends 🙂

It’s been a lovely Easter here at BekaBoo HQ despite the weather. We’ve seen family and friends, eaten chocolate, watched films and planted seeds 🙂 The boys planted some strawberry and sunflower seeds yesterday and we have cress and pea shoots to start off today. All very exciting!

I’ve also started a new bed scarf for my mum 🙂 She couldn’t resist when I was showing her my new blog. So I thought I would take the opportunity to talk you all through this particular design. The scarf is built around a central panel of solid granny squares. To work out how long this panel needs to be you need to take two measurements. First measure the width of the bed then measure how wide you want the finished scarf to be. Take the width of the scarf away from the width of the bed and this will tell you roughly how long you need the central panel to be. Simples 😉 Remember this doesn’t need to be exact to the centimetre as it is a blanket and will stretch quite a bit. As a rule of thumb you will need a row of 6 of these squares for a super or king size bed, 4 for a double and 3 for a single bed.

Now you’re ready to start crocheting. Start by making up your squares (I used squares consisting of four rounds of treble stitch). To make each square make 6 chain then join with a slip stitch to make a circle. Chain 3 then work 2 trebles into the circle. Make 2 chain then work three more trebles into the circle. Do this twice more then join the round with 1 chain and a half treble stitch into the third chain. For round 2, work 3 chain then work one more chain into the corner space. Work one treble into each treble stitch from the previous round. Make each corner with 2 trebles into the corner space, 2 chain and 2 more trebles into the corner space. Work a further 2 rounds in the same way (4 rounds in total) and fasten off. Finish by whip stitching the squares together with right sides facing.

The next step is to start working in rounds. Starting in one of the corner spaces, join your yarn and make 3 chain, work two more trebles into the space then skip two trebles along the edge of the first square and work 3 trebles into the next treble of the foundation square. Continue in this way working the corners as three trebles into the corner space, 2 chain and three more trebles into the same corner space. A little tip when starting rows with a different colour yarn is to start in a different corner to the one you just finished in. Continue working in rounds until the scarf is wide enough to fit the top of the bed.

Finally you need to create the panels that will drape either side of the bed and I will post about how to do this when I reach that stage with mum’s blanket. For now I’m at my favourite stage where the balnket is big enough to keep my knees and toes warm while I’m working 🙂

I suspect that unless you’re quite an experienced crocheter that probably wasn’t so easy to follow but fear not! I am in the process of creating a pattern with proper stitch diagrams and will be posting a pdf version in the next few days.

Bye for now 🙂 x


WIPs and the finished cushion

The cushion is finished!  I’m really pleased with it but before I show you it I want to share with you another WIP that is currently haunting me and the crochet bed scarf I made last year when we finally got round to redecorating our bedroom.

Lets start with the bedscarf.  I love purple.  It’s just feminine enough without being too girly and there are so many gorgeous shades to choose from.  I also love crocheting in rounds using this triple stitch especially when the work gets big enough to keep your knees warm 🙂  I made it just wide enough to cover the top of the bed and then used a single colour to create the draping panels for either side of the bed.  I made these side panels just long enough to match the duvet so the scarf lies nice and flat on the bed. Actually when I started it I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a scarf or a full blanket bit I’m glad it decided to to be a bedscarf.  It dresses up the bed and makes it look cosy and inviting without making it too warm.

On to the WIP.  One day soon it will be a bed scarf too and I’m sure it will be lovely.  My plan is to alternate the pink squares with black squares in a kind of a harlequin pattern.  Just another 15 black squares to go and I can start sewing in ends and sewing squares together.  I haven’t decided what to do about the edging yet, whether to fill in with half squares or not.  I quite like the zig zig effect.

And last but not least the jubilee cushion…drum roll…hope you like it 🙂 and thank you for reading x

Hello world!

Finally, my very first blog post! I have no idea where this will lead but I hope to share my love of crochet and my adventures exploring the world of crafting.

Where to being? Well, perhaps with my latest work in progess (WIP…I only figured that out recently!).  As its jubilee year I gathered together some red white and blue yarn and have set about creating a cushion cover.  I just have to crochet the panels together and sew on the buttons but here is a sneak preview 🙂