Crochet-along projects

MAY 2013

I have finally found time to think about the CAL blanket I am planning to make for my beautiful sisters Christmas present.  She is a very talented artist and that made it very difficult to choose a colour scheme for her…not because she’s picky but more because I wanted to get it just right.  The inspiration for the colour scheme I have finally settled on came from a skein of wool our very wonderful mum brought back with her from one of her travels.



I wanted a really pale but not inspid base for the blanket so I chose a pale beige and a light leaf green.



My original plan had been to draw out the autumnal shades of burnt orange and deep green but when I put them together they completely overpowered ‘mum’s wool’ so instead I will be using shades of purple, mainly so that I will be able to make enough hexagons to make a full blanket.  So here is the final palet.

P1010494 P1010493 P1010492


I think I will still need to slip the odd bit of burnt orange wool in there just to break things up a bit.  Better get started then 🙂

APRIL 2013

I’m so excited!  I’ve been looking around to find another CAL project and have found the perfect one!  Lisa Clarke at Polka Dot Cottage is running a hexagon blanket CAL which would make the perfect Christmas present for my sister…yes I did mention the ‘C’ word 😉 Click on the picture to take you straight to Lisa’s tutorial which has some great advice on yarn selection.  Lisa started her blanket in January and finished her’s last month so the complete instructions are now available.  I shall be choosing colours this weekend and will be posting my progress for you to follow if you like.  Click on the picture below to visit Lisa’s tutorial.  Happy hooking!

Hexagon blanket CAL


I have seen a few of these crochet-along (CAL) projects recently and as I now have several bags of yarn oddments I have decided to use them up by doing this CAL from the wonderful Sarah London 🙂  I’m a bit late in starting but I’m not the only one and this project is going to be just for me. I plan to be totally random with it and take a grab-a-yarn approach so it will either be wonderfully abstract or just plain weird!  I can’t wait to see which…Click on the picture to be taken to the instructions on Sarah’s blog 🙂

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