Book reviews

200 Crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afghans

By Jan Eaton

I bought this book on a whim (not my usual style at all…noooo) and am so glad I did!  I’ve been rediscovering patchwork and quilting and had started to wonder about using yarn and crochet blocks rather than fabric patchwork pieces.  So imagine my joy to discover a resource book to help me do just that.  I’m not mad, it can really work and the results just might be stunning.

This gorgeous ideas and pattern book by Jan Eaton (first published in the UK in 2004 by David & Charles) is divided into 3 chapters.  The first chapter was a revelation to me, someone had actually written down all the half-formed ideas I’d had about patchwork crochet including how to plan a crochet patchwork piece, select blocks and put it all together.  There are also several ready-made plans to get started with.  Chapter 2, the main part of the  book, is a compendium of 200 crochet blocks of all descriptions, from the basic granny, to textured and stripped blocks as well as ideas and guidance on mixing and matching blocks.  Chapter 3 is the obligatory techniques chapter, but in addition to the usual ‘how to crochet’ instructions, Jan has included guidance on working the textured and 3D stitches as well as blocking, seams and edging.

A wonderful resource, well written and well presented.  I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to move on from the basic granny square.

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