Beautiful pink flowers :)

Good morning friends

Is it really over a week since my last blog post!  Well, I hope it was worth the wait 😉 Today I want to share with you a cross stitch project I’ve just finished the first stage of.  It’s a large cross stitch cushion cover with the most gorgeous pink flower designs.  I started it a few months ago but found I needed day light to really work on it properly so it’s taken me longer than I first expected.

I have worked this on a handheld frame although as it is worked on a  tapestry canvas I probably didn’t need to.

Here it is in its final stages with just the top right hand corner to complete.

Aren’t the colours just gorgeous?

Filling in the yellows.

And here’s the finished item hot off the frame.

Next steps will be to create the cover back and add a zip.  I haven’t done that before with a tapestry piece so that will be fun.  I’m not sure yet whether to try it myself or invest in a kit.

I worked this tapestry from a kit by Vervaco. The design is called  ‘Pink Bloom’ and there are several others in this series, all of them using the most beautiful and vivid colourways.

And I’m left with an empty frame…can’t have that…

Worry not, I have another project already on the go…more next time…

Until next time, with love xxx


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