WIPs and the finished cushion

The cushion is finished!  I’m really pleased with it but before I show you it I want to share with you another WIP that is currently haunting me and the crochet bed scarf I made last year when we finally got round to redecorating our bedroom.

Lets start with the bedscarf.  I love purple.  It’s just feminine enough without being too girly and there are so many gorgeous shades to choose from.  I also love crocheting in rounds using this triple stitch especially when the work gets big enough to keep your knees warm 🙂  I made it just wide enough to cover the top of the bed and then used a single colour to create the draping panels for either side of the bed.  I made these side panels just long enough to match the duvet so the scarf lies nice and flat on the bed. Actually when I started it I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a scarf or a full blanket bit I’m glad it decided to to be a bedscarf.  It dresses up the bed and makes it look cosy and inviting without making it too warm.

On to the WIP.  One day soon it will be a bed scarf too and I’m sure it will be lovely.  My plan is to alternate the pink squares with black squares in a kind of a harlequin pattern.  Just another 15 black squares to go and I can start sewing in ends and sewing squares together.  I haven’t decided what to do about the edging yet, whether to fill in with half squares or not.  I quite like the zig zig effect.

And last but not least the jubilee cushion…drum roll…hope you like it 🙂 and thank you for reading x


10 thoughts on “WIPs and the finished cushion

  1. Wow, I love the purple bedscarf, the squares & the cushion cover – I love them all – you are very very talented!! For the new bedscarf, you could give it a simple dc edging to keep the zigzag effect, which is lovely and unusual! I will come back to visit your blog more often. Ali

  2. Your crochet work is gorgeous – love the blanket, cushion and the bed scarf looks like its going to be really nice as well .

  3. Oh wow! Your Jubilee cushion is just so gorgeous! I love purple too- you bedscarf is lovely 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your harlequin bedscarf when it’s finished 🙂 Maggie xx

  4. I adore that jubilee cushion! Looks fab! My crochet has only got as far as coasters and now little animals, but would love to get on to Granny Squares soon and make something as fab as this! 😀

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